Sunday, June 2, 2013

Will It Be You?

Ok! I guess you are ready to start.  Here is the plan.  We start tomorrow June 3rd and will end Saturday June 15th.  That way we can have a break on Father's Day and start again on June 17th.

You pick the three things you would like to work on.  

The hardest is worth 15 pts. a day.
The second is worth 10 pts. a day.
The third is worth 5 pts. a day.

At the end who ever has the most points is the challenge winner.  The next round you can keep the same ones, or change it around.  Remember, changing habits takes about 21 days.

Finally, you should really post and tell us what you are doing and if you are willing to share, what your three goals are.  

Summer is a busy time for everyone.  It seems like it's just as busy as the school year just with different things filling up are days.  The desire to be healthy is not short term.  The things you are doing should become part of your daily life.  The idea is adding a little at a time makes those things stick before you add more.  You may not write down what you eat every day forever but you should always continue to try to eat healthy.  Trying to do healthy things should be something you can achieve MOST days.
Now go get em'. 


  1. I can post comments but I can't get in to post posts.

  2. Great! I'm excited! Thanks Aud!