Monday, June 3, 2013

I Send a Virtual Hug to You

Thanks, ladies, for responding to my post last week!  I'm glad we have this up and running, even if it's just for the summer.  This blog has taught me so much about healthy living, but maintaining good habits is like fighting the "natural man"- a daily internal struggle between what is right and what is easy.  I'm glad we're having a refresher course. 

My three things will be:
 #1 eating within my calorie range- I'm a pretty healthy eater in general, but I've noticed a craving for something sweet after every meal, and I need to kick that to the curb. It's become way too easy for me to heed that craving.

#2 WATER!  I am terrible at this.  I go all day without drinking at all.  I just don't think about it.  But 9pm rolls around and suddenly I'm like stranded-on-a-desert-island thirsty! So I guzzle 16 oz and then pee all night.   (At first I typed Dessert Island.  Then I fantasized about what a dessert island would be like.  Then I ate some lettuce.)

#3 Fruits & Veggies- I bet you thought I was going to say exercise.  Thanks to my hubby, exercise is really easy for me right now.  We get up before the kids each morning and do the Insanity workout together.  It's a sixty day program, and we're committed.  It's so much easier to work out when someone is relying on/expecting something of you!  The program ends in about three weeks, so expect to see exercise on this list soon.  I figure the motivation to eat more fruits and veggies will help me with goal #1.

So, there you have it.  I do hope some more of the old regulars jump on board! 


  1. Mindy, thanks for being the spark.

    I have found that the more I exercise, the more water I'm likely to drink. So that helps some.

    Do you serve your children fruit with breakfast & veggies at lunch? Just curious.

    1. Breakfasts have really suffered as a result of our early morning workouts. I don't give them fruit as a rule, but they get it with breakfast about half the time. When I was making hot breakfasts every day I always included fruit. I shred apples or mash bananas into pancakes a lot. We also do the green smoothies. I DO give them fruit AND veggies in their lunch every day. Sometimes that means salsa, sometimes it's hummus with bell peppers, most of the time it's just carrots or broccoli.

  2. I'm trying to post but having no luck getting back onto the blog. I was using our old email address before and can't remember my password. I'm going to have to go consult with Audrey. I've got my goals and I'm thrilled that we are doing this again, I'm running out of time to get healthy.