Monday, June 3, 2013

Kicking B*tt!

Since I last participated in this challenge, I've started taking Tang So Do, a Korean form karate, with my oldest.  My start was kind of a fluke.  My middle decided he no longer wanted to attend, but we still had half a year's contract to fulfill.  So, I thought, instead of just sitting and watching, I could do this. So I took my middle's place and then ended up continuing on and renewing the contract again.  My oldest and I just tested over the weekend.  He for his red belt (the last belt color before black, although he has 4 stripes yet to go) and I tested for green.

We both kicked b*tt! Both literally and figuratively. Because I've been running a bit, I had more endurance to survive the hardest part: sparring (fighting hand and foot) against three men, all of whom were 2-6 inches taller than me.  I even managed to score a few points against two of the guys which made me feel like a NINJA!

It's so much fun to do something with my oldest and not only to learn with him, but also to learn from him.  I feel like I'm being a good mom and being good to myself at the same time.

P.S.  In order, my three are hydration, exercise, and eating my fruits & veggies.


  1. That is so much fun! You're being a good example for your kids while being good to yourself. I call that a win-win.

  2. I wish I could have seen the two of you test out on Saturday. I think it's probably great for O to have you doing karate with him. Look forward to you both getting your black belts. Drink water, I think that's going to be your hardest goal.

  3. That's really awesome! Very impressive. I'd like to be able to do that some day, but I'm so overweight I'd kind of find it embarrassing at this point.

  4. Becky, weight is not an issue at all. If anything, flexibility is the issue. And I've got zero flexibility. There's a guy at the Dojang who's probably close to 400 lbs, but he can outkick me any day of the week! He can even do a split.