Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Three Hard Things

The hardest thing for me is exercising. Once I start, it's easy. It's just that the starting is hard. 

The second hardest thing is hydration. What I'm going to write will be foreign to many of you, but I can go a whole day on just one cup of coffee, one glass of water and one beer. I know, I know, that's just not enough (and not the ideal forms of hydration either.) I can mentally see Audrey shaking her head at me and wagging a finger as well. So HYDRATION does not come naturally to me...but it should.

Third hardest is getting enough veggies. I get enough fruit. And, don't get me wrong, I love veggies. I just don't always make them at lunch or, I don't serve myself enough of them at dinner. When I track my food, I realize I need more veggies.

 So my TOP three to track this summer would be exercise, hydration, and veggies!


  1. Good idea for a post! Water consumption is definitely in my top three, too.

  2. Ok, here are my thoughts.

    I say we take this two weeks at a time. Everyone picks there top three things and ranks them. 15 points for your hardest, 10, for the next. 5 for the last. Who ever has the most points after two weeks gets a huge pat on the back. Then we start again. You can keep the same three, or change it up.

    What do you think?

    We could start this Monday.

    Yes I'm shaking my head at your lack of hydration. I drink a ton all day....water, diet coke, milk, vitawater....

  3. Brilliant. Let's do it. And you have to write posts, too.

  4. I with you. The posts part is a good idea. Can't wait to hear about Insanity. See you Monday!

  5. I'm on board with the Queen Vee - I think accountability helped me out a lot last time we did this (was that a few years ago now?) When I have no reason to keep track or check in with anyone, my motivation kind of goes out the window.

  6. I'm on board.

    Audrey since we did this last I have a new email address so before I can post you need to re-invite me to be a poster. I assume we are starting on Monday June 3rd. I'm ready as I was weighed at the Doc office this morning and it was just plain ugly.