Thursday, June 6, 2013

Haydration is a Mountain, not a Hill

Hi Gals,

Okay.  So, this is a lot harder than I remember. Just wanted to put that out there as we enter the weekend.  I am struggling with the hydration part.  I even have strategies to drink more.  Some work; other's don't seem to put a dent in the 8 by 8 ounces my body needs. But, ultimately, I'm convinced that my bladder is half the size of normal bladders, because it all goes right through me.


  1. Ha ha! I feel you. I read this post at 10:27 pm and then remembered I needed another 12 oz to meet my goal. I quickly chugged it down, but I know I'm gonna be regretting that at about 1:30 am.

  2. Some days I feel like a dog leaving my mark on every lamp post. I just keeping thinking all that fluid has to be good for me. Keep drinking ladies, WATER that is :-)

  3. Everything I've ever read about hydration is after a few days your body will catch up and you won't always feel like you need to pee...but it's good for your body to be so hydrated that you do go more often than you probably were before when you weren't drinking enough. Keep it up!