Thursday, February 10, 2011

Junk that annoys me

There are some junk food items that just don't tempt me. More than that, they downright annoy me.

And I have been known to get more than a bit persnicketedy when the other adult in the house brings them home for the kids or for his guy friends.

The biggest culprit is chips, usually in the form of Doritoes or Frito Lay Corn Chips. Then's there's the artificial cheese dip that goes with the chips. And lastly any "pastry" item that could last a year and still be considered fresh: Hoho's, Twinkies, Hostess Cupcakes, Little Debbie items, you get the idea.

I grew up in a house where chips were a once a month treat and there were only enough cookies to provide for four children's school lunches per week. At the time, I remember being jealous of a girl who had Oreo cookies and Doritoes as after school snack options, while I choose from the following four staples: nuts, apples, peanut butter crackers and popcorn. But, I have long ago realized that those choices were a blessing.

How do you handle the different eating habits the other parent in your house brings to the table?


  1. I do 99% of the grocery shopping, so anything naughty in the house is pretty much my fault, unfortunately. I keep buying ice cream, sugar, white flour, cheese, the occasional Christmas chocolate orange on clearance, etc., so any overeating is a choice that I make. My hubby is not the one causing problems.

  2. I will admit I used to always have several options of chips in the pantry. Lately though the only chips we regularly have on hand are tortilla chips. It really helped when we started trying to cut MSG out of our diets. I can't believe all the stuff that has MSG in it and chips are a big culprit, at least all the flavored ones.

    The area I am struggling with is the sweet end of things. Hubby has been known to bring home a package or two of cookies or other sweet "no nos" but when he goes to work I am the one left home with the temptation. Ugh!

  3. My hubby is a chip, ice cream eating and 1 dozen gigantic huge muffins from Costco buying guy. I'm am not at all tempted by the ice cream, I can pass on the chips unless they're good old potato chips....the muffins on the other hand call out to me. I've taken to making banana blueberry muffins when he buys the huge Costco ones as mine are 1/3 the size, 1/3 the calories and actually kind of healthy.

  4. Queenie, I'm calling you out on the short bread cookies in which you buy two tins of every year and won't toss...."-)

    I'm the problem in the house, not the hubby. I'm also a proponent of having treats in the house. Not all the time but often enough that they don't feel like they have to over indulge when they have them outside of the house. I remember because we didn't have sugary stuff in the house that I would go hog wild and a friends house or the roller rink. I think this kind of thinking has back fired on me because I often feel I still have to over indulge because it may not be there when I want another "little" taste.

    But, I have stopped buying oreo's except on a rare occasion. I love them but they are evil.

  5. I'm with Audrey, except I don't think oreo's are evil, just gross :)

  6. I think the no treat thing really does back fire!! Yes, we had the occasion treat but once I did my own grocery shopping and could get whatever I shopping cart looked just like that picture! haha