Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Finishers wanted"

This story is so INSPIRING! His story was on the back of the Church News a few weeks ago (excellent article)

He ran 486 miles without sleeping! He didn't even know there was prize money at the end! He KNEW he could do it even when everyone else thought he was CRAZY!

In the past, runners would run for 18 hours and sleep 6 but Cliff Young didn't know this. He did it his way, explaining that he grew up chasing his sheep on 2000 acres when storms would come in. He said "It took a few days, but I always caught them!"

President Monson gave a talk entitled "Finishers Wanted" in - Ensign Article - “Finishers Wanted” He talked of passing by a store window that had this sign. He talks of the Lord wants us to be FINISHERS!

We all have our own way of doing things, our own "shuffle" so to speak but don't discount your abilities. Cliff Young WON with that shuffle and today this race has been won at least 3 other times by people doing the Young shuffle as it is called now.

We just need to keep our eye on the finish... what ever that finish may be for each of us, I know we ALL realize it is so much more than a fitness goal. Our fitness goals are going to HELP us get to the REAL FINISH!!!


  1. Jill, you live an inspired life. Thank you for always keeping our focus not only healthy but spiritual. I always appreciate your thoughts. It's always easy to start something but it's not always easy to finish, infact sometimes it can be downright hard. Thanks for the reminder to be a finisher in all aspects of our lives.

  2. I'm stunned by this story and really wondering how you can physically run that far without sleeping. In the race of LIFE we are only competing against ourselves and every one of us has the possibility of winning the big prize we just have to finish staying the course.

    A really wonderful post Jill and a great way to start the Sabbath!

  3. I can't seem to make it through one day without being exhausted, I can't even imagine going for several without sleeping.
    Amazing story and very humble man. Thanks Jill for sharing.