Monday, November 8, 2010

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations Marci!
You did a great job. It was a long session and you stuck to your guns! I know we are all impressed!

Everyone has until Tuesday night if you have not already posted your points. I will do the drawing for the towel Wednesday morning. So for any of you that got started but maybe didn't do so well sticking to it, report any points.

One last bit of important new! Since I didn't have to pay for postage on the necklace, I'm putting up a special incentive for the session following Thanksgiving. I'm looking at doing a three week challenge to end the year with. Because what I have in mind is so special I'm hoping to get two. The idea is that everyone who post points will be put in a drawing for the second, but same item as the winner gets.

Just wanted to give you a heads up so you can spread the news to those who may have not been participating lately.

Love you ladies!


  1. Yey Marci!! See, I just knew SOMEBODY had to leave me in the dust. Great job! Enjoy your lovely bling!!

    I kind of goofed off the last session, but I'm still losing weight, so I guess I'm not too worried. I think I've lost my ultra-competitive feelings. Winning doesn't matter anymore, but I am so pleased with my progress. I still count my calories. I just like knowing what the real deal is about the food I put in my body. It helps me to feel in control, instead of being bossed around my by impulses.

    Okay, Audrey, I can't wait to hear what the big challenge is going to be!

  2. Yay Marci, way to go! Congrats on the big win.

  3. Marci, congrats and well deserved. Becky, if you are still losing weight that makes you a winner. Proud of you both!

  4. Becky, remember you are doing AMAZING! keep it up girl! I want to see another "fun run"!

  5. Congratulations Marci. Way to go, you have been working hard and it paid off. Enjoy your new necklace.

  6. Audrey, you are so tough. That is such a hard feeling to overcome. Especially because you know your body doesn't need it, but it is telling you...more like yelling at go back for seconds. Good job, and I especially love this post for its relevance to this wonderful delicious time of year. We should all make our 30 point goal to not go back for seconds.