Monday, September 20, 2010

trail tales

What a wonderful experience!
Saturday I ran the craziest run I have ever done in my far. (wink)

My dear friend Natalie ran with me. Friends are such good moral support!

I signed up for this race months ago, mostly because I wanted to do a half marathon. My two requirements when looking for a half were first, that it wasn't on a Sunday, and second, that we could make a weekend out of it and stay at a hotel.
I just love hotels.
We found this half, 3 hours away, and it was a trail run, on a Saturday. We signed up right away, not really looking into the terrain or course.

Three days before race day I got an email explaining that within the first 3 miles, we would be climbing almost 3,000 vertical feet of trails. Gasp! I was not really prepared for that. It felt so good to push my legs and lungs though, and the race really went by fast, probably because I had to focus so much on where to place my feet that I didn't notice how the miles were flying by. I felt my legs get really tired around 11 miles, but with only 2 and a half to go, I chanted "come on legs" and ran hard through the finish line.

I want to report that the race was awesome, wonderful, and so hard. Next year I'll be signing up again! It was such a satisfying challenge, so much that I had to restrain tears as I saw the finish line in the distance. I loved every minute of it, and still can't believe it's over and that I survived it.

My sweet husband and children met me at every stop they could to cheer me on. Just the boost I needed along the trail.

I think I am addicted!

I just have to add that there were a small handful of people that ran the marathon, which is two laps of the half. Even crazier, there were about 20 people who ran the ultra marathon, which is three laps of the half course. CRAZY! I couldn't even fathom how in the world they could do that. Watching them run was amazing!!!


  1. Marci- that's so AWESOME!!! I ran my first half three years ago, and loved it. Then I had a baby, and well, the rest is history. You just gave me the umph to get going on that training.

  2. You look great and oh-so happy and obviously felt fantastic. Way to kick that half! And up hill too!

  3. Congratutions! What an accomplishment girl! Way to go :)

  4. Great Job! I am glad I read this post tonight because I almost talked myself out of running tonight! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  5. Marci,
    You are so darling! I can just hear your voice when I read your posts. Congrats on the 1/2 marathon! It sounds like it was a beautiful run. So next year are you doing the full marathon? Congratulations my beautiful friend. You can do hard things.

  6. Thanks guys! I think you all should come out here and do it with me next year. Cammy, I don't think I am tough enough to do the marathon. The thought of doing two of those laps sounds pretty scary. Maybe if you are prepared it wouldn't be that bad though. Hummm, you've just got me thinking!

  7. Marci I couldn't run a half marathon even if my life depended upon it. I'm so impressed by your effort, keep it up because you look great!

  8. I'll see how I feel next spring, if I'm under 160, I think I might consider a long race. Congrats on running a half! That is astounding!

  9. WooHoo Marci! Good for you! Your race sounded awesome! Totally motivates me!