Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Being Tired and Braindead Makes Me Hungry

It's all about the peanut butter, and of course, the overwhelming convenience.

Man, it's just one of those days today. I was up late last night, until midnight, catching up my eBay paperwork and email, and then catching up my Battle blog. Then the baby woke up at 3:30am (his teenage brother put him to bed when I was at book club, but he forgot to check the diaper,) and then again at 6:00am. He's just an early riser, usually getting up bright-eye-and-bushy-tailed at 5 to 5:30 am every day. It's totally annoying. I LOVE to stay up after I get all the kids in bed. It's my private time, my time to unwind and revel in the complete silence, knowing no one is going to need anything for at least another eight hours. It's hard to give up that time, so I can get enough sleep. But I'm trying harder.

Anyway, I was just dragging my tail this morning, catching little catnaps in between all the kids' needs, and my brain has been mush all day. I've powered through, making myself go through the neglected stack of mail, but also wasting too much time on the computer. When I get tired, but I still have to stay awake for the kids, I get really snacky. I tried to make healthy snack choices today, and I still came in under my weight maintenance level, but it was so hard. Things I thought about eating, but didn't:

1. Cereal all day, especially the heavily sugared, low-nutrition kind.
2. The whole box of ice cream sandwiches (I only ate one)
3. A whole box of Austin sandwich crackers (I know, they are not much of an improvement over cardboard, but I find them so addictive anyway!) It's 190 calories for a little pack of 6 sandwich crackers, and a whole box has 12 packs. That's 2280 calories. Yikes!!!
4. Nearly any box of ice cream. It's all good.
5. Donuts, cookies, cake, etc. If there'd been Georgetown Cupcakes in the house, I would have eaten every one of them.
6. Chips and salsa, and really, any kind of Mexican food.
7. Any pasta.
8. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. I was at Wal-Mart today working my way through my shopping list and I bought a bag of Snickers for Zen because he wanted a snack bag of chocolate for working out in the oil field. I didn't eat one, nope not one, but you can bet I thought about it.
9. An extra helping of curry for dinner.
10. Two or three BIG bowls of the Peach Crisp plus ice cream (see my blog.)

See, I'm even too tired to remember everything I wanted to eat today. So, I'm getting myself in bed, which is another way of hitting the reset button on your brain. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.


  1. Oh man Becky, sounds like your day was pretty hard yesterday. It is so mentally exhausting to resist all of that delicious food...especially when your body is really craving it. I hope today goes better for you. I do the same thing. I like to put the kids to bed and do somethings that I normally don't get around to doing during the day. Those early morning stirs from the kids come sooner than I would like. I really do think that sleep it so important though in our weight loss journey. It really can make or break our goals. Lately my house has suffered because I have chosen to just go to sleep. It drives me crazy, but I just feel that my body needs sleep so bad right now...the house will have to wait. Good luck Becky. You are so strong, and such an example to me.

  2. Marci is spot on Becky, you need to get more sleep, the demands of your life require it. I know you value those night time hours, what mother doesn't? Audrey please tell her she needs more sleep.

  3. P.S. Good on you Becky for not eating all that good stuff on your list!

  4. Becky, maybe I am missing a post but you are UNDER 200lbs!! Way to go and another thing... I just so happpen to be sitting her thinking about eating anything and everything in my kitchen, yes, I know it is just 8:00 am but that's the kind of mood I am in. I read all the things you thought about eating and DIDN'T eat and you have inspired me. If you can do it so can I. It's OK that I am wanting to do it but it doesn't mean I have to be a wimp and cave in does it? THANKS!!! My butt thanks you too :)

  5. I love your 10 examples of serious self discipline and understanding that food isn't the answer. Way to go Becky! When we're tired, it's much, much harder to make good choices. But you did it. Wow!

  6. Must be the full moon. I could have eaten a horse and it's rider last night BUT...I didn't. I did give into a piece of low cal yogurt was yummy.