Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exercise therapy

I started the day with a rough morning.

The plan: a Bible study with kids in child care. The 5 year old boy was not hip to the plan. And made sure his child care provider knew it. Soon I knew it too. And back home we went.

Getting pulled out of a worship setting is a good thing when you're an angry, spiritually-drained mom because the setting reminds you to stay calm, ruminate and redirect the negative energy into something positive like two loads of laundry. Then you force yourself to the gym despite your mood [indeed] because of your mood. And then exercise therapy begins. You work it all off and out and you're feeling positive and energized and capable of handling and loving your child again. And of course who should you run into at the gym but the coordinator of the Bible study herself who assures you that it will all work out and you should pray about it.

"Funny thing is" I told her "I already have and was sent to the gym to work it out and meet with her again." Did you know that God's at the gym?


  1. I'm glad you turned a frustrating morning into something more positive and productive. You are such a good example to all of us. Also know that you are not alone. We all have our struggles as mothers.

  2. Sorry you had such a challenging day today. We've all had them and we will all continue to have them. Looks to me like you made lemonade out of it though. Thank goodness for a good workout at the gym. You're a good mom Apis, a really good mom.

  3. We have all had days like that so know you are in good company. lol You made some good choices.

  4. Your five-year-old boy must have been channeling my five-year-old boy, who is not really one to fall in line on general principle. He's the one with the brick head, very hard to derail if he gets an idea stuck in his mind.

    I'm glad you were smart enough to go work out your issues with exercise. I love getting out of the house to exercise, just for that reason. Good job!

  5. Sheesh! Tough day! I love how you hit the gym and not the couch. I bet you felt a lot better after exercising. Those 5 year olds can be pretty challenging huh!