Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sisters, Birthdays, Helga's...Oh JOY, it Must Be September!

Nelson Sister's Reunion 2010

My September always includes Sisters, Birthdays (7) and often Helga's which translates into CALORIES.

I just recently returned from am 11 day visit to the Denver, Colorado area. Four days of my visit were spent with my sisters for our annual sister's reunion, while the other seven days were spent with Mindelicous and family.

During my visit the calorie counting pretty much went out the window; although I really was trying to kind of keep track of it in my mind. My youngest sister always brings homemade carmel popcorn and dozens of yummy cookies. I brought my popcorn home to the Colorado grand daughters but ate my share of the cookies. We ended our sister's reunion on Sunday morning after eating a breakfast of Danish Ebelskivers, yep I ate more than my share of those and that evening Mindilicious made a brinner of Fried Puffed up French Toast. (Sunday I'm sure was a heavenly 3000 calorie day)

Four days before returning home we celebrated my birthday at Helga's (the best German restaurant in the USA) where I ate a huge plate filled with schnitzel, noodles, gravy and red cabbage.

The sum total of my exercise for the eleven day visit was a four mile walk/run with Mindicioius. In my mind I thought I would pull off walking every day but it didn't happen.

Did I feel guilty about all the calories eaten and exercise not done, NO...okay maybe a teeny tiny bit! BUT, I knew when I got back home that I could jump into the challenge again and get back to the gym. I've been eating really healthy and exercising for the past six months and so was will prepared to let go and enjoy this little vacation. It's called LIVING and we all have to keep doing it and doing it with JOY.

Trust me, I enJOYed every bite of those Ebelskivers!


  1. Those little puffs of dough look really, really good. Glad you got to kick back and enjoy your 6 months of hard work guilt-free. You look so adorable in the picture. What'd you say you were again? In your early 40s?

  2. Have to laugh at your popcorn picture compared to mine...and that we pop-posted on the same day.

  3. Apis, your popcorn is much healthier and not nearly as addictive.

  4. I can almost smell them as I sit here a my computer. Mmmm...

  5. Queen Vee,
    I know how tall you are, so how tall does that make the lovely lady on the far right?

  6. Baby sister Anne, wearing heels on her youthful feet, is the tallest at 5'8," I'm 5'6" having lost almost an inch since my taller youth.

  7. Mmm...that all looked so good!! June and December are our major birthday months, by the end of those months I'm sick of cake, and all the holiday desserts!

  8. Thanks for that fun post! That is such an adorable picture. You look amazing! Oh and the food too.

  9. Look at you and your beautiful sisters! How fun that must be!