Monday, July 19, 2010

Reverse Thoughts Are In Order

I read this and thought it was so neat.

I will always be fat
And I refuse to believe that
I can loose this weight
I do
realize that isn't the way most people think but
"Eating to live instead of living to eat"
That's jut not working out, and I truly believe
Eating what I want will make me happier in the end
It's just a big fat lie, thinking
Being fit is the most important thing in my life.
Now I understand that
Making myself happy with food
Is more important than
Making myself healthy with food
And this much is true:
People are succeeding at loosing weight every day
But I know in my heart this will not be the case for me
This could wind up killing me
Doctors tell me
I will shorten my life and steal time away from my family
Right now it doesn't seem possible that
I can change my ways and be fit for the rest of my life
This is what I believe:
This journey is just to tough for me
I don't even want to consider the fact that
I can control the causes of my shortcomings and my failings
It's just a fact of life that
People like me are weak willed and lazy
And it's ridiculous to believe that
I will loose weight and be healthy

Now, read it backwards

Amazing? Not only are we changing our eating habits, but our mental habits too!


  1. That is so cool! I love that Alicia!

  2. Wow! Where did you find that? That is really great! Losing weight isn't a physical battle, it's a mental battle.

  3. O.K. people, I'm telling you here and now that this is BY FAR my absolutely most favoritest post. It's a poem! A poem on HWHL! Yipee! And it's clever and it's inspiring and I will read it at least 20 times in the next couple of days. Awesome.

  4. What was really neat for me was noticing my attitude as I read the first time vs. the second. Much more positive on the way up!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Way cool!

    Now I must pack, getting on a plane early in the AM.

  6. Such a different feeling when you read one way verses the other!

  7. Alicia, you are always so inspiring and this is so neat, thanks for sharing it. It really does go to show that it is all about our perspective.

  8. Alicia, where do you find all your inspiration? I love this poem!! Thank you for all your amazing posts. You know how to keep us all going!

  9. I think this is a great thing to read when you're feeling like it's to much to handle!

    Great post!