Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Challenge

Wow, this blog has been really quite the last couple days. I hope most of you are out of town and enjoying the summer. I know Audrey is. In fact, she asked that I post a challenge for this round to keep us all motivated and going. Kind of funny, after reading Becky's last post, that was exactly the challenge I was going to do. I don't know about you, but I get exercise boredom really easily. That's when I begin to slip on everything. So by, next Friday, I want you to all try a new exercise. This doesn't need to be complicated. Some examples might be, go to the library and try a new exercise video, take the kids on a new hike, try running a little bit instead of walking (you might be surprised how in shape you've become), go for a bike ride instead of running. Looking for an easy, creative idea? Check out this website:
This is a two part project and is worth 20 points: Do the exercise, and then tell us all about it. We could all use some new ideas! Can't wait to hear about the final results!


  1. I'm ready for this challenge Alicia and thanks for helping Audrey out so that she can enjoy her vacation....."You're Awesome!!!!"

  2. This is a great challenge! Thanks Alicia! I definitely need to change it up and do more this week because next week I'm out of town. Although I'm just in HWHL cheerleader mode until the fall, I will do this and post. Yes I will.

  3. This comes at a perfect time. I just got our bike from the in-laws house and have been dying to hook up our trailer and try it out. I hope the bike isn't in too bad of shape oh and I do need to get a helmet for Savannah.

  4. I can't decide yet if I'm going to start training for the 5K/10K at Thanksgiving Point in October, or if I'm going to try the zoomba (sp?) class at the rec center, or if I'm going to try a little boat paddling at Bear Lake at the end of the week. We'll see...

    Oh, and I am totally into the idea of having HWHL t-shirts done. Maybe someone should do a post, and have everyone submit design ideas/pics?

  5. OK, here's the crazy new exercise thing I did, somewhat unplanned, but absolutely necessary: I hauled 40 bags of top soil (40 lbs a piece) 40 meters from my car. That's what 1600 lbs in a two day period? I also hauled 15 wheelbarrows of mulch to various parts of our yard. A crazy mid-summer yard beautification project.

    The amazing thing is that my lower back never complained. Of course that's because I was using my leg muscles. You know, the ones I've been developing over the past 6 months!