Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Much Anticipated Meeting

I don't really want to take up blog space for this, but I don't have everyone's e mail address who are in on this and some haven't responded to e mail yet. The idea of meeting Wednesday night instead of Thursday has been thrown out there. I think if we meet for a brunch during the day it will be harder for everyone with babysitting and other activities. So I need to know if everyone can meet Wednesday night instead? Sue and Becky could meet Wednesday night if that were the case. If not we'll still plan on Thursday. I'll send out a more formal meeting of the final date, time, and location on e mail.


  1. I just emailed you, but both nights work for me if it is in the evening.

  2. Just got back from OHIO and a visit with Apis. Noticed there's lots of discussion going on the blog here about my little dinner suggestion. I arrive in SLC at 6:10PM on Wed, 28 July, could probably meet everyone by 7:30PM that evening, you could start without me. Would love to see Becky and Sue, I'm up for the change. Alicia I'll send you my email and cell phone address via email. Don't want to post it here for security reasons.

  3. A late dinner on Wednesday would be great. Even if we don't get together until 8:00, that's fine with me (less time my mom has to watch the kids during waking hours!) My email is suerichardson75(at)hotmail(dot)com.