Sunday, July 11, 2010

Always a reason

Tonight I passed up peanut butter cup ice cream, yesterday it was cookies. Having my sister in town hasn't been easy and I have been tempted more than once to throw in the towel and sit this challenge out but I don't and here is why:

I had a friend post this comment on a blog, "I have to GIVE SOMETHING UP to get the results I want?!?!"

This was kind of an epiphany moment for her and has become one for me too. I have realize that there is always going to be a reason or an excuse to have that second helping or indulge in cake and ice cream. I used to use celebrations, or just about anything I could as an excuse. It is someone's birthday, bring on the cake. It's been a hard week bring on the triple fudge sundae. Coming from a big family and having a husband who comes from a big family too there is ALWAYS a reason to indulge, but to have the things you want (a thinner healthier body) you can't always have your cake and eat it too.

Now I am not swearing off treats and goodies all together, far from it but I am being better at moderating when I say bring on the goodies and when I politely decline. Tonight I did say yes to a handful of salt water taffy. I will admit, had I know the ice cream was coming later I think I would have passed on the taffy but I had to be happy with my decision to eat the taffy and move on.

It was hard to watch everyone eating the ice cream knowing I wasn't going to have any but you know what? It was only a moment! Now that moment is gone. I overcame my challenge and can go to bed feeling good about it (sans the tummy ache too from eating ice cream too late).

I can always come up with a reason to say yes and indulge but if I sit back and think a bit longer I can also always think of a reason or two to say no and then it is only a moment and I can move on.


  1. You could have also called this post, "Only A Moment" (in fact, I may have to swipe that for one of my own blog posts.) That's really the battle about food - looking past a tempting little moment in time to the future you, who is healthy and fit, and is waiting for you to make a long string of momentary decisions that will bring her into your life.

    So good for you! Five gold stars!

  2. Wait a second Cammy, did I right this post? This is something I think about all the time. My family is very health concious. My mom is 5'8" and weighs a measly 115 and is a huge runner. When we get together, healthy eating isn't a problem. Brent's family, well lets just say they love to eat. We get together every sunday for potluck thanksgiving dinner and more often than not sometime during the week for some sort of "celebration". I used to use it as an excuse to eat whatever and then realized, there is always going to be a "celebration" I need to learn to control my impulses. Great post Cammy. Thanks for writing it for me. You hit my thoughts right on.

  3. Cammy, nice job passing on the ice cream. It's reassuring to know that the ice cream won't go away. It will still be there tomorrow if you have room for a treat!

  4. I love that attitude Cammy! Those cravings really do only last for a moment. I am going to have to remember that during my hard moments.

  5. The other day I chose not to partake when Nathan wanted a chocolate fudge sundae at McDonalds. McD's chocolate fudge sundae used to be a tradition for us when we would date. But I did have a small lick of Logan's ice cream as I passed it back to him.

    After that lick I found myself using the bad aftertaste as an excuse to indulge. But I didn't, and the taste went away all by itself!

    I just thought that was a funny excuse!

  6. Yeah, Cammy, there will always be another opportunity for ice cream and that's the truth. Self control and moderation, you just managed to do both with your choice of salt water taffy and no ice cream. Next time you can skip the taffy and eat ice cream. Way to go girlfriend, I'm proud of ya!