Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Healthy Life Inspiritation - and it's a GUY!

I haven't posted in awhile, but I'm still trying to live healthy and I'm reading and commenting on posts often. You gals continue to inspire and amaze me.  Today I came across an inspirational story that I thought you might want to check out.  This is a before  picture of Sean, a guy with a blog called "The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser". 

Sean is doing what we're doing - he's changing his life for good and he's not doing it with a fad diet or crazy extreme exercising.  He's doing it with healthy lifestyle changes, including increased water intake, calorie counting and moving his body.  And the results?  He's gone from weighing 500 pounds {yes, 500 POUNDS} to this:

A svelte 247 pounds!  These are Biggest Loser results without a stay at The Ranch! I was very inspired by this particular comment that Sean made, as it seemed to relate to what many Healthy Wives have expressed on this blog:

I'm inspired by his ability to delve into the emotions behind his eating.  His blog is enjoyable, honest and refreshing - he's gotten his entire family on board to take control of their weight and begin living healthy lives.  Check it out!
But the food and exercise is really only about 20 percent of my success equation. It's a mental journey. I made an iron-clad decision to do this once and for all, and I've had to battle one ultimate enemy at every turn: Me. The two most important elements of my success have been self-honesty and consistency. No more excuses and rationalizing bad choices in an effort to make myself feel better. I battled the emotional ups and downs by putting up my imaginary "Steel Curtain Zone." This steel curtain zone is a place mentally where my defenses are at their highest, where I can't be compromised by emotions, stressful triggers and unforeseen circumstances. This has helped me succeed on this road despite deaths in the family, financial strain, a stressful high-profile job and the end of my twenty-one year marriage.

Click here to read about Sean on AOL's "That's Fit" or here to go to his blog. Keep up the great work everyone.


  1. Inspirational and amazing, I like the idea of "the steel curtain zone" and also the calorie bank.

  2. YES! Finally a male who gets it. Dragonfly, I'm hopping over to his site right now. He seems amazing!

  3. I went away from this post and just keep thinking about it. Seriously WOW! The quote from him is so powerful and just hits it on the spot for me.

  4. His story is amazing, but I was a bit sad to learn that he's lost all that weight without ever eating a salad, sad only because I've become such a lover of salads and the great variety out there. I especially like the way his family has supported him and joined him in the quest to be healthy.