Thursday, May 20, 2010

She came. She ate. We giggled. She left

Greetings, Ladies! I feel totally recharged after a late night of good belly laughs with a dear friend.

I thought I'd share the meatless recipes I used. Thanks for all the ideas! I'm definitely going to use Jill's spinach pasta toss in the future. I had to switch gears earlier in the day and make something cold because her ETA got pushed back and I needed food that could be flexible. I found a recipe for Roasted Red Bell Pepper Spread Sandwiches that was perfect. Refreshing, delicious, satisfying, but even better the next day in a whole wheat tortilla as a wrap with a few slices of ham!

If you are interested in making this recipe, I would highly recommend a few changes. Use way less cream cheese than called for. Like maybe half! Add extra garlic, salt and pepper. Serve it with spicy sprouts, if you can find them. It's a little high in calories, so I only ate half, and that was plenty for me since I was also eating Audrey's yummy orzo salad, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.
I tried to copy and paste the orzo recipe here, but that didn't work and now I'm frustrated. I'm not willing to re-type it out right now, so maybe another time. Have a great day!


  1. Yumm! It all looks good. I'm going to try the sandwich after a flop of artichoke and roasted red bell pepper I had this week, no taste, not to be repeated...even after I added ham.

    So glad you had fun! Sometimes a fun night can really recharge the soul.

  2. Who doesn't love that orzo salad!? Not the lowest in calories, but definitely super tasty. So glad you had fun!

  3. Looks really good to me. Did your photog friend take any pictures of you and the girlies?

  4. Loved the salad sample today! I will definitely need the recipe for all of my summer get togethers.

  5. No, she didn't really have time. Plus, Tessa has a bruise the size of Texas on her forehead.

  6. I'd love the recipe when you get a chance! Although I'm not sure if Brian will eat anything meatless....