Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mothers Day Tradition

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure
This is one of my favorite traditions. We've done this nine years now, and I look forward to it every year. The picture above doesn't do it justice, but all the white dots up the street are people. 20,000 to be exact. It's a 5K run/walk and it is so inspirational!
The crew. Sorry the picture is so discolored. My mom, my three kids, and me. We usually have my brother and sisters, but they were out of town this year. We did try running it one year with two strollers, but it wasn't very fun. Trying to run through 20,000 walkers just doesn't work to well. After the "race" we always have brunch at a local restaurant. I look forward to this event every year. My six year old walked the whole way!


  1. Kudos to you Alicia, your mom and kids for doing this every year. I've done it three times here in Washington DC. I'm sure each of of knows someone who's had breast cancer, doing the Avon walk or the Susan G Koman race for the cure is a way to support and honor those women and men who've fought this dreaded cancer.

  2. I love that you can call a walk/race "a tradition." What a fine tradition!

  3. I agree with Melissa, I'm wondering how I can make something like this a tradition with my daughters! That is great!