Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When You Pry It Out of My Cold Dead Hands

I'm in one of my weird moods again. This weekend I did exactly what I said I shouldn't do - I ate whatever I darn well felt like, even to the point where I think I was eating just because I could, not because it was particularly pleasurable. And yep, I gained nearly 3 pounds. Sigh...

Today, I'm still lusting after a variety of foods, and even though I'm being "good", the fantasies continue:

1. Chips and salsa
2. Chocolate orange (the kind you whack and unwrap). I was dumb and bought some yesterday on clearance. Now they are just sitting there, mocking me.
3. Cookies and cream ice cream in my freezer, also mocking me.
4. Green enchiladas - does anyone else put a few fried eggs on top of their enchiladas or is that just a Texas thing my sibs and I inherited from my Dad?
5. Indoor S'Mores (graham cracker cereal & mini marshmallows, all covered in melted chocolate). You can also refer to it as "crack".

There should be a bigger list, but there's enough damage there.

I've got bookclub tonight, and I hope no one brings anything seriously yummy, because I probably don't have the self-control to abstain.

I just read the funniest blog I've seen in a loooooong time. I just about fell out of my chair reading it. Deep, donkey belly laughs. It's called www.crankyfitness and written by a 50-yr-old woman who calls herself Crabby McSlacker. So if you need a good laugh, and are not too offended by the occasional swear word, go get some good belly laughs. They're therapeutic.

Update 4:04 pm MST (6:04 pm EST) -

This is what I've had to eat today so far - 10 slices Land Frost thinly sliced deli ham, 1 apple, 1 bite cookies 'n cream ice cream (it was only one small bite, I swear), 3 cups romaine heart lettuce & roma tomatoes, 2 Tbsp. light ranch dressing, 3-3/4 oz. small shrimp, my Spinach Smoothie, 3 oz. baby carrots, and 2 Ritz crackers. So that's 579 calories. I also took my vitamin pack, did my 30 min workout, so I guess I'm not doing too badly. Maybe I will go have a couple spoonsful of ice cream. But I'm hoarding calories in case bookclub tonight is more than I can bear...

Another thought - I am in such a "who cares?" frame of mind, maybe my 30 point goal is to find fitness humor and post it everyday for this session, because goodness knows, I'm about to ravage that box with the chocolate orange inside...

This could turn out to be when I use my one "free day". I'm not off to a good start this week, am I? It's a bad omen.


  1. I'm a fairly new reader but this post gave me a 'nearly pee my pants laughing attack'. The picture alone is priceless. Thanks for being so candid!

  2. Becky, today's "who cares?!" attitude can be transformed into tomorrow's motivation.

    How can you give those temptations away? Is there a special friend who could use a plateful of goodies as a birthday pick-me-up? Or maybe tomorrow's the day you clean out your pantry and fridge and remove 5 super tempting treats to be thrown out in the garbage with the lint from the dryer dropped on top.

    A new day awaits you. I've earned under 10 points today, but my mantra is "Tomorrow is another day."

  3. Hey Becky,

    Something else. Read your very first post called "All About Becky." That will motivate you.

  4. Yes we all have those days! Look at how amazing you look! Hope you made yourself sick enough to not want to do it again :)

  5. Becky, when I have days like this I know I need to take action and either get rid of the temptations or get away from them. I hope you were able to figure out some way to get through the day (and book club) and if not brush yourself off, don't let it get you down and remember there is always tomorrow. Good luck!

  6. Becky, go back and look at that swimsuit you posted.

    You've been doing so well, time to buck up and get past this binge day, we all have them.

    One day of bad eating and I'm okay, two days still okay, three days and it's a downward spiral for me.

    Remember "We Can Do Hard Things", and some days our eating and exercising is just plain hard.