Saturday, January 22, 2011

Broccoli for lunch

Hi Ladies!

For some strange reason, I often have a left over stalk or two of uncooked broccoli in the fridge that's on the verge of going bad. And for some other strange reason, in my mind, I typically think of broccoli only as a dinner side or a stir fry ingredient. I decided to change all that today with this broccoli salad... from one of my favorite salad guys: Jamie Oliver {click on "this broccoli salad" for the recipe link}.

Outside of the dressing (olive oil, white wine vinegar, grainy mustard, salt, pepper), the recipe consists of chopped broccoli, seeded tomato and bacon. I substituted lunch meat ham to go a bit healthier, but I imagine the salad is out of this world with bacon. It was super tasty and at one cup, a mere 163 calories. I could also have a whole wheat sandwich round with some laughing cow light spreadable cheese too.

Also, on a random veggie note, how you all of you prepare your standard green beans. Just wonderin'.


  1. The last question should read "How do all of you..." Need more broccoli salad to get the optimal brain function back on track.=-)

  2. I have this really awesome steamer. Well two actually. When I'm doing green beans for a group I'll use the bamboo steamer. The other contraption I have is a steamer from Pampered Chef. It looks like a pot with a lid, but it's plastic and the lid has holes in it. I use it to steam broccoli or green beans in the microwave fast!!!

    I'm a fan of just a little salt and pepper but I also love putting sauteed onion, mushroom, or bacon for a change.

  3. Typically, I nuke my veggies in one of the microwave safe Tupperware bowls I've had for years. The ham - good choice, and to get more flavor out of it, crisp it up on a skillet. You'll get much closet to that bacon flavor, but without all the fat.

  4. Ooh I need new salads to try. Becky I love the idea of cooking the ham in a skillet. I will have to try it. As for green beans, my favorite way to "prepare" them is in this zucchini dish I make. Basically you cut up a zucchini and fry it in a skillet with a little oil, when it's tender add green beans and a small can of tomato sauce. Once bubbly, sprinkle with cheese and cover until melted. I can eat this every day it is so yummy.