Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ms. Thunderbumper Challenge #1

I don't know about the rest of you but time if flying by. I wish I had a week that all I could do was finish projects and time stopped on everything else...but that's not realistic now is it.

As many of you noticed when we started in December, Chelsea had made some wonderful changes to our blog. After several months of being behind I'm trying to get the recipe list up to date. I'm working backwards and think it won't take me to long to get it done.

So, this is my challenge for the weekend. Under top post there are a few important blog post mainly by myself that talk about what I think is important to getting healthy. Today I added two I came across while I was looking for recipes that I've linked. One is from Cammy, the other from Jill.

What I want to know are which are your favorite? Which ones had an impact on you? Which ones made you laugh? Cry? Whatever. Although I have many important things I'd like to share it's not just about what I say. You all have valuable input.

NEWBIES! Look through current post and also look at the top post list. Make a comment about something you read and you'll get the points too!

This is worth 10 points. You can either post about it or just leave a comment. You have until Monday night!


  1. I really liked Jill's post about facing challenges head on. I think I need to re-read it everyday to be reminded of the truth to it. I know a lady who says: "Inch by inch, it's a sinch. Yard by yard, it's hard. Mile by mile, it's a trial". Like Jill's post said, if we are willing to do the little things and focus on completing our goal by making little commitments and changes, then attaining our goal is a 'sinch'. If we try to eat an elephant all in one bite, that is when we'll get overwhelmed and discouraged.

  2. My most favorite post: Reverse Thoughts Are In Order (July 19 by Alicia)
    An amazing poem that was completely inspirational to me. The English major in me was all over it.

    But here are other posts that resonated with me (totally out of order)

    Perfection May 17 Audrey
    Vitamins May 11 Jill
    Am I a runner? Apr 17 Alicia
    Accountability Sept 27 Becky
    Protein Sept 24 Audrey
    Onion June 18 Cammy
    I can do hard things July 27 Mindy

  3. The recent post "carrying extra weight" has made me think. Am I being an example of love? Am I being patient and kind? I strive to treat others how I want to be treated.

  4. I just have to say it seems like every time I look at the blog someone has written something JUST FOR ME! I really can't begin to tell you how many times. All the gratitude posts; Audrey calling us back to get better attitudes earlier this month...
    The one that stands out at the moment that has carried me through the last few weeks is the post from Cammy, Filling my cup... It was exactly what I needed!
    I wish I had time to write them ALL down, maybe if my days slow down, I will!

  5. Today's post about Discipline was awesome! Here's a Top Post I could really use some work on:

    Eat those Calories Early, Apr 6, by Audrey - Man, I really need to be on track with this. I know I have a tendency to hoard calories throughout the day, thinking that I want some major comfort food at night when I'm winding down, and then binge at night, taking myself right up to the limit of my calorie range. I ate a TON of food for lunch today, and didn't even want dinner. I started feeling hungry again at bedtime, and I've had to stay out of the kitchen so I don't snack, but I bet the scales will be kind to me in the morning, because I ate the bulk of my calories so much earlier in the day. This isn't the first time I've noticed that when I eat a big meal at lunch, that dinner doesn't even interest me that much. I should try doing this for a while.

    Other notes - the cover of the Chick-fil-A notebook is humorous.

    To Sleep, Per Chance to Dream - Jan 14 by Apis
    Melissa, you should revise your post to show links to sleep articles, or at least put it in the comments section. And I'm still interested about what they have to say about what effects naps have on your overall health. New moms and mothers of small children who won't sleep through the night have to squeeze in extra sleep somewhere. I wonder if anyone has done any studies on naps?

    30 Day Shred , Jan 11, by Queen Vee - I'm curious about testing my current level of fitness with Jillian, so I've ordered a copy. I'll let you know how it goes when it gets here.

    Slow Start to a New Year, Jan 6, by Queen Vee - That is still the funniest picture ever for overindulging! Where did you find the pic? I'd love to track it down to the source so I can get a big picture for my wall!

    When You Pry It Out of My Cold Dead Hands, Jan 18, by Me - I'm not saying this was an awesome post, I'm just saying I had a lot of fun writing it. I should write more humor.

  6. I have a lot of favorite posts, but one that sticks out in my mind is Audrey's post on having a relationship with food.
    Not only because I too have a (bad) relationship with food, but also because it was just deep down truth that made every one of us on this blog think and be thankful for each other. It takes a lot to be your true self, and sometimes it's hard for me (more like I really should just not read them) to read some blogs online because most of the time it's all about the glitz and glam of life and life isn't always about the good times. The hard times is what shapes us (at least me) and most of the time people don't share that.

  7. So many to choose from let's see:
    Apis - To Sleep, per chance to dream (I never seem to get enough sleep so this was a fantastic reminder of its importance)
    Mindy - Jeggings (Okay maybe not inspiring but I still start laughing every time I think of that video.)
    Jill - Finish the Race and A New Perspective (As always very inspiring)
    Alicia - Am I a Runner (Just love it!)