Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am sure struggling this week to get on the bandwagon.
I haven't done any of the things yet that I should be doing as far as the challenge is concerned. I'm debating whether I should just wait til the next one begins, but I don't really want to put it off for another week and a half.
Ok, cue the whining and excuses:
I'm not getting proper rest, and I think that's the whole problem. I just feel too wiped out to exercise, even though I know it would make me feel better.
My work schedule just doesn't allow for the sleep I need. Last week was so nice because my husband was on vacation and the kids were out of school, so I got to sleep in. But this week we're back to our routine which means I'm home and headed for bed around midnight and I need to be up at 5:30 to take my oldest to the busstop. The hour between when I get back from dropping her off and when I wake up the rest of my munchkins is really the best time for me to get the exercise in, but this week I've been going back to bed. If I don't exercise first thing, it just doesn't seem to happen for me the rest of the day.

And then there's these two:

They're deceptively cute.
They really wear me out!

I'm also thinking maybe my body is dehydrated. I know I should drink more water, but I just don't do it.
I'm going to work on that today-getting the water in.
And maybe we'll go for a walk, that has the added benefit of hopefully wearing the two little guys out so they'll take a nap, and give me a break!


  1. Oh Mikki, you're not the only one who struggles. It is so hard to exercise with small children. And the lack of sleep does not help at all. I know when I don't get enough sleep, the last thing I want to do is move my body. One baby step at a time. Don't set yourself up for failure. The last thing you need to do is put rules on yourself. When I make "rules" for myself, if I make one little mistake, it's all out the window. I try to do the best I can in the circumstances I'm in. Keep going. Another week and a half of feeling miserable is no fun. You are doing the right thing. A walk with your boys is good enough in my book. Especially if you are so exhausted you can't function. At least it's something.

  2. Mikki, believe me when I say that I've done many challenges only half way...but I say that's a glass half full, not a glass half empty! Maybe your half full will be water and vitamins this time around. Focus on what you're doing right (for me vitamins and no soda are the easiest) and build on that.

    This is not about perfection here! It's about trying to do the best you can given the crazy lives we lead. Stay with us and brag about what you're doing right. =-)

  3. Yes, Alicia and Melissa are right. Just pick a few things to focus on instead of trying to do everything perfectly all at once. And when it comes to exercise, work it into your kids' playtime so that it's not extra time you have to find away from your opportunities to sleep. Any kind of movement is good, even if it's casually strolling with the kids. Serious athletic-type exercise goals can come later. And I so feel you on the sleep issue. It's so hard to function when your body is super-tired. So, maybe exercise isn't the thing you focus on right now. This about all aspects of healthy living, and there are plenty of things to focus and improve on. You can do it!

  4. Mikki
    Such great advice from the other gals. Sleep is so important and you shouldn't feel bad about climbing back into bed. We as women often focus on the things we are failing at and forget to see the things we are doing right. Being a mom is hard work!

    As for sneaking in a workout, one thing I did the other day (I decided to sleep in too hehe) I got a timer and alternated 5 minutes of exercise with 5 minutes of cleaning for one hour. Of course anything could be substituted for the cleaning part, such as playing with a child, preparing dinner, folding laundry, paying bills, watching a movie, etc.

    After the hour I felt like I was more productive at both things because I could really focus on that one thing knowing it was only for 5 minutes. Hope that made sense.

    Good luck Mikki, don't give up, you are doing good things and every little bit helps.

  5. You have redheads?!?! I love them!