Friday, January 7, 2011

I didn't say it would be easy but it'll be worth it.

I love this picture of's the crazy eyes. Like many of you I don't have a switch that automatically puts me back on the perfect path. It's been a hard week in many aspects...only one workout so far, but in many ways there are small successes.

Habits are not made overnight. If you've been living a less than healthy lifestyle it takes more than a few days to become that healthy person you are wanting to be. I think the advice given over the past few days has been wonderful. These challenges are here to help you improve your lifestyle not tear you down because you aren't. Consistency...they key in making any new habit.

In my minds eye people talk about what an exercise freak I am and how I made delicious but healthy food. People are not going to say these things about me if I'm not doing them...but that's my end game. I want this for myself so I can be healthy and happy for those around me.

I KNOW this takes time. I've found that I'm really good at taking my vitamin and pretty good at drinking my water but I struggle to remember to write down my food...and exercise well tomorrow is a new day.

I want you each to look at what you ARE doing and rejoice in those successes and look at what you want to work on next as the next step not a road block.

You are each wonderful women with amazing qualities. Find the good in what you are doing and build on it. Take each challenge as a way to continue to improve. I hope at some points we can find these things to be just a normal daily routine. I'd love to do these things and think...why wouldn't I do them, it's part of who I am.

Please keep going...keep track of those points and post them next week. I really want everyone to succeed and have an opportunity for the next drawing...I'm going to do it in March...our 1 year anniversary :-)

I'm struggling too, you're not alone but together we will do Amazing things.


  1. Thank you Audrey for your encouragement. I too would like to wake up to a day when all these good habits come without a second thought.

    BY the way, that picture of you cracks me up every time.

  2. I saw this picture and thought that maybe this year you were giving up that booed for good. In two months it will be one year for me. You should have called me, I would have helped you eat the popcorn. I appreciate your encouragement and always positive outlook.....we can do hard things.

    Love you Aud!

  3. Audrey, you are such a positive example to me of a woman who is trying to build other women up. One of the ways you do this is by admitting your weaknesses and trying to better them along side the rest of this rag tag crew. I know I don't post or count calories or even attempt to be good at exercising - but I feel lifted by you and those who participate on this blog and it makes me want to be a better person. Love you!

    PS. I also love this picture . . . for so many reasons!

  4. Yes, thank you so much for starting this blog. I would not have come this far, maybe not at all, without it. I need accountability to keep going. So, thank you. You are truely making a difference in this world!

  5. Audrey- You are such an amazing person! Your insight is incredible. You have helped so many people and have touched my life too. Can't believe it's been almost a year. Look how far we have all come!

  6. AMEN!! Thanks so much for the encouragement. I'm feeling less guilty about eating the cookies the ladies from church brought to me today. How can church cookies be sinful?

    (I've seen your crazy soda deprived face in real's scary!) haha! just kidding. I LOVE this picture of you!!