Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stepping out

Hi Ladies!

Yesterday afternoon I put the nose to the grindstone and put Christmas away. All but the tree and the manger which I did today. While taking down, boxing up, and lugging boxes to their storage space, I had a little secret technology in my pocket: my husband's new mini pedometer (a gift from me). Here's the result: it took me 3328 steps to put Christmas away. That's a lot of steps. If one step burns .2 calories, then I burned 665 calories right there. Sweet.


  1. I have one of those pedometers somewhere, if I could only find it.

    Today I've been putting away Christmas too but I don't think I burned 600 calories doing it. Maybe it was the Danish butter cookies I kept nibbling on or it could have been that the put away got stopped by 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. I wonder how many calories you burn when you turn over 1000 puzzle pieces to the correct side? Tomorrow is a new day, today was a complete calorie counting and exercising bust.

  2. I love pedometers! When I was in college I wore one all the time and would rack up quite a lot of steps trekking around campus. I think we have one around the house too, maybe I should strap in on and see how I measure up now LOL.

    Queen V. I totally cracked up about the puzzle. My family growing up always had a puzzle or two out after Christmas and you couldn't walk by it without sitting down and putting in a few pieces.

  3. How awesome is that!! I have yet to put Christmas away. Maybe I will tackle it tomorrow.

  4. Christmas is still alive and strong at my house. Maybe I'll clean it up tomorrow. Maybe I could burn 600 calories while doing it! That would be so cool!

  5. I am inspired! I want to see how many steps I get in going up and down the stairs and taking care of my kids all day. I think I'll pop on over to Amazon and Overstock and see what deals they have...

    Audrey, I wonder. If we get 5 points for 30 min. of exercise, can we earn those points by racking up steps on a pedometer?