Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stress Trigger and Release

This is what I wanted to do Friday night. I've recently become the cub scout committee chair for our ward. This basically means I need to be really organized and manage everyone's political agenda. The other thing is means is putting together a list of the awards for the upcoming pack meeting. This shouldn't be a hard thing but since it was recently decided to put everything on the computer program it was crazy.

Problems, not everyone has their stuff on the computer.
The computer that had all the old stuff crashed so I'm unsure of what everyone already has.
Some of the info came from emails and not the computer program.

So, after a wonderfully fun day of lunch, shoe shopping, visiting Samantha, Homecoming Parade and Football game I sat down thinking it would take about 45 minutes to pull things together to give our Cub Master, it was 10:30.

At 1:15 when I finally headed to bed I WANTED A DIET COKE! But I didn't have one to give into, so I went for the VitaWater Zero.

SO THE QUESTION IS: What have you replaced your stress trigger bad habit with? Is that when you give in and fall of the wagon for a bit or have you found things that are better choices and still help?


  1. A piece of laughing cow cheese or a few chocolate chips. Chocolate is a better stress reliever than the cheese :-)

    You'll soon have the Cub Scouts running perfectly.

  2. Good job Audrey! I decided for this week that I should make a menu for every meal, even dessert for the weekend. I know Halloween is going to be tough, but hopefully if I have a lot of healthy alternatives, it won't be too bad. I have already used my free days, so I have to be good from here on out.

    I didn't know you were over the cub scouts. Yikes! Audrey, you are so amazing, I don't think there is anything you can't do. You'll whip that system into shape in no time.

  3. Mine, like yours, would be a cup of something caffeinated. But I try to reach for a piece of fruit instead to stay the course!

  4. Yikes is right! That seems like a tough calling! I wish I could give some advice on what to do instead, but I'm still trying to stay afloat.

  5. My issue is I haven't replaced it!!

  6. Sometimes you have to go to the source and remove the stress altogether. But since you don't want to (or shouldn't) quit your calling, finding better ways to manage stress is key. The thing that gives me the most stress is procrastinating, a really bad habit of mine. So, I have to start dealing with the hard things I'm avoiding, so I don't put myself in such stressful sitations in the first place.

    The comfort I seek in stress is to drown myself in tv or an interesting book, a thing I haven't done since June. It's one of the reasons the weight has come off. With tv and books comes a LOT of useless and highly caloric snacking and nibbling. I miss reading, but I know myself, and if I read brain candy, then I don't get anything done, and that depresses me. Work of any kind is my antidote. It keeps me sane, so I don't overindulge in food.