Monday, October 25, 2010


New food in my house is considered scary. If the kids find out I'm tying a new recipe or new food, they've been know to cry before even seeing their dinner plates. They even think the word "recipe" is scary because it implies more than one ingredient. My attempt to console them is this: I usually alway have a couple items on their plate that are no-brainers when I'm trying something new. It should also be said that there are PLENTY of recipes I don't try, though I'd like to, because of the picky eaters around here. In other words, I'm already working behind the scenes to reduce food fear.

Tonight was a total feast of deliciousness for me: a balsamic skillet pork chop (so easy, moist and super tasty), roasted butternut squash with fresh rosemary, sea salt and pepper (bonus points: old veggie made a new way!), Brussels sprouts cooked in chicken stock with lots of pepper and thyme and, last, applesauce.

For the kids, I added a little bowl of pine nuts (protein in case they were unwilling to try the chops). I did not even offer them the greens, so I had high hopes for the squash. But despite my insistence that the squash was a close cousin to the sweet potato--a food they enjoy--even my oldest, who scarfed down the chop and asked for seconds, was scared.

He did try one bite in the end. What this all comes down to is this: all three of them will request bread before bed tonight, my high carb whole wheat concession on nights when the food is excellent, but no one but me knows it. Now that's really scary.

And that I'm posting twice in one day. BOO!


  1. Sounds like a yummy dinner! Keep up the good work and don't be scared of "recipes". You've turned into a great cook!

    Bread before bed, one of the first things I can remember from first learning about your kids.

  2. Why do kids have to be so notoriously picky?! It's seldom you get a kid who will eat anything. I don't remember how, but my teenagers have developed into kids who will eat veggies. How did that happen? I wish I could claim some kind of awesome parenting technique, but it's a mystery to me. I guess the key is just to keep trying. Keep offering things on their plate, and maybe eventually they will be willing to try new things.

  3. Picky eaters aren't relegated to only the young, I live with one who is 66 years old. The only thing he would eat on your delectable dinner plate is the pork chop. Your dinner looks DELICIOUS to me, I'd eat every morsel if I had the chance.

    You're a good mom or a pushover :-); there would be no bread before bed if my kiddos hadn't eaten their dinner.

  4. That does look yummy!! I need to hire you as my personal healthy cook. My kids are picky too, but I'm noticing they are willing to try new things as they are getting older!

  5. My daughter eats right before bed too! It is so funny how they get hungry when its "bed time"! You are an amazing cook!

  6. Can I come to dinner at your house? I would never request bread before bed with a meal like that. Thanks for the inspiration, and the fun post. I giggled the whole way through.

  7. Your dinner looks delish and I love your spooky plates!!