Sunday, October 24, 2010

I see a pattern here. Sunday tends to become my confessions day, although I am learning a lot about myself.
Here's what I've learned.

...I have little self control when it comes to sweet treats that are gluten free.
...I tend to fall apart on the weekends.

So now, the trick is to figure out why that happens, and avoid it!

Here's the plan. I am not going to bake large amounts of gluten free carrot cake, unless there is a lot of people at my house who will help me eat it. I ended up finishing off the cake so I wouldn't be tempted any more, and so I could start the week fresh. (wink wink)

Mmmm, it was good.

Second, I am going to have to plan for healthy treats on the weekend, so I can still have a reward that won't sabotage my efforts. I think if I have the ingredients all together to make my healthy treat, I won't default to creating something that I won't be able to resist.

Third...Keep the really bad stuff out of my house. AKA gourmet chocolate and carrot cake. At least there was carrots in it!

Does anyone else struggle with portion control when it comes to dessert?


  1. I have portion control issues, period. Tonight we had dinner at Chris' mom's. I had two portions of meat. It was good, too good to pass up. The rest of the day I was really good and I have not had dessert.

    I think you need to find a way to freeze your carrot cake so you can eat it slowly....

    You look amazing. You exercise a lot, stop beating yourself up over indulgences and do keep healthy snacks in the house on the weekends which seem to be your hardest time.

    I can't wait to see how next weekend goes...Halloween and all.

  2. I'm to the point that I try to only have treats in the house if we are having company who will help to eat them. Ice cream doesn't count though, we always have some in the freezer but it's not a problem because I'm not tempted by ice cream. My husband eats 90 % of it by himself and the grand kiddos eat the rest.

    I must confess that I bought a 150 piece bag of Halloween candy over a month ago and i think there are only 40 pieces left....yep, I've been eating those little chocolate sugary treats daily. I might have to buy more candy for Halloween, now that is really creepy don't you think?

    The past 6 weeks I've struggled with portion control too....and Audrey, I had two portions of meat too. I'm sorry I tempted both of us tonight but I'm not sorry you joined us for dinner, that's the kind of treat I enjoy guilt free.

  3. Since we are all confessing here, I will add mine. I am struggling with EVERYTHING lately. I'm eating late, I eating all the sweets I can find in the house, I'm only getting exercise in about 3 days a week, and I've been horrible on water. However, I think I figured out tonight what my problem is:

    Lack of sleep + Stress = overeating

    My goal for this week is going to be getting 8 hours of sleep every night. When I get more sleep I am better able to handle stress, when I don't, I fall apart.

    Let's move on from our shortcomings and forge ahead. We can do hard things!

  4. Oh I just love you guys! Cammy, I think you are on to something with the sleep thing. I bet that would make a huge difference for all of us for the better if we could just get 8 hours consistently.

    Queen Vee, I am guilty of the same thing year after year. This year, I haven't bought any candy yet...because I knew I would eat it all!! We are heading into a really tough season! I am so glad we have each other for support.

    Audrey, thanks for your wise advice. Sometimes I wish I had one of those secret bank buttons, (you know the ones you push when a guy comes into the bank to steal money), and it was connected to your house so you could save me when I can't stop eating carrot cake.

  5. Yes, my body is naturally hungry when I'm really tired, too.

  6. Oh, and I've found that exercising in the morning helps control your appetite for the rest of the day.

  7. Lack of sleep is a huge issue for me. When I don't get enough sleep, everything seems twice as hard. Weekends are so tough and Sunday's are the hardest day for me. So much food and so many treats.

  8. Portion size and dessert, I've got it under control. It's just that I have a tendency to opt for seconds and thirds in the same reasonable portion size (with cookies, fourths and fifths). Which all adds up.