Monday, October 25, 2010

Enjoying the view

We took a long fall walk this weekend. It was the perfect fall day, 72 degrees and sunny, with the golden leaves carpeting the forest floor. The first part of the walk involved climbing a long, endless-seeming set of stairs. We counted each and every stair up to the top: all 135 of them. And then we took out our water bottles and enjoyed the hilltop views.
The experience reminded me of our task here on HWHL. The hilltop or mountaintop moments are what we live for: finishing the race in record time, reaching our weight goal, making a really healthy and delicious meal that everyone loves. But we can't rest in that moment for long. Most of our lives are spent below, on the plains and even, sometimes, in the valleys. But don't forget, after all those steps, to enjoy the view and store it someplace you can return to in your heart and mind, again and again.


  1. Melissa, I love this post. That's a great analogy, and one I need to remember. It's good to revisit our "Views" every now and then...they are great motivators for why we are climbing all of these stairs.

  2. Thanks for the once again incredible post. Those are some amazing thoughts and an amazing view!

  3. Beautifully stated, I absolutely agree!