Saturday, September 4, 2010

Post Your Points Here!

Post your final points!!!
And if you haven't looked at the post below you should. We've all been called out by Becky! Who's going to step up to her challenge? I AM. You should too!


  1. Ya ready? 466 points, but I missed the bonus 30 because my goal was to break 205, and my scales just would not budge past 206.8, despite my efforts. Very irritating! But I'm going to make that my goal again for this next session.

    What would be some good bonus challenges for this next session? I've got a few ideas:
    1. The holidays are going to come probably quicker than we think, so maybe we can set some kind of holiday goal, some way to have a deeper, meaningful experience despite the craziness of the holidays. The challenge could be about commenting or posting your holiday ideas.
    2. You've probably done this one before, but maybe the challenge would be to post a "healthy" but tasty holiday recipe
    3. Along the same lines, a favorite veggie recipe
    4. Good ideas for exercising at home when the weather is bad

  2. Um Audrey, I have no points for this challenge. How often have I really posted my points? I've been doing this challenge since you started, but I rarely post my points. SO, here's to a new wonderful habit of posting my points. Watch out guys, here I come! Thanks Audrey for not giving up on me.

  3. Good ideas, Becky! I think prizes every once in a while are fun, too. I'd totally be willing to put a little prize together for a winner. You know I loooooove presents!