Sunday, August 29, 2010


Why is it that some {days, weeks, months} we are so motivated and excited and bursting with energy and others we aren't? Why is it that other's failures or successes can have an adverse and/or inversely positive effect on our own motivation depending on the {day, week, month}? Why is it that our hormones can sabotage us again even though we say to ourselves, this time will be different? How then can we motivate ourselves to stay motivated?

This I know, motivation is one of the great mysteries of the universe. I also know this: that with three or four kids at home all summer, I haven't had the mental space, the internal emotional organization and the necessary blocks of time to maintain a steady pool of motivation {let alone the healthy eating habits and exercise that come from said motivation}.

But, for everything there is a season and the season is about to change. Oh yeah baby!


  1. Melissa,

    Thanks for putting into words so much of what I am feeling right now. Oh and I love that picture.

  2. Cammy's right, that is an awesome picture.

    I am sooooo ready for school to start, too. It's time to get back on a schedule. Lack of structure can sure kill the best of intentions. It's too easy to get distracted from our goals.

  3. The change of seasons is a blessing in so many ways but especially if you are trying to make changes in your life. I'm ready for cooler weather, fall color,more motivation and organization in my life...August has just been one big lazy month for me.