Monday, September 13, 2010

Kid coach work-out

My kids usually don't like it when I do a DVD work out because even though I'm in the room I'm not "available" to answer questions, settle fights, make snacks, review homework, read books, etc. So today I thought I'd involve them in my 30 minutes. When the oldest got home from school, he was made head coach to organize my work-out with the sticky notes any way that he saw fit, then time me and encourage me along the way {His version of encouragement: " Come on Mom, pick it up, you're not even half way done!"}

Here was the order my 9 year old lined up for me: plank, side planks, push ups, 5 minutes piggy back rides, 5 minutes kid lifting, BREAK, 5 minutes abs, 5 minutes jump rope, 5 minutes up and down the Franken-basement stairs, kid racing in the field behind our house.

A few observations here.

1) He gave me a break! Wasn't that sweet of him after he stacked all the upper body stuff which included piggy backing and lifting a 40 pounder and a 70 pounder.

2) He accidentally set the timer (iphone) for 22 hours and 5 minutes for the abs, longest 5 minutes ever! =-).

3) Jump roping for 5 minutes was harder than I thought especially when the jump rope is too small.

4) He strategically put the racing at the end, increasing his chance of winning exponentially.

But here's the good news, grand news even: I beat him! I beat him! {a big deal for me as it hasn't happened in a long while and was one of my original HWHL goals!} The first race was a tie, the second I won hands down, the third I lost and collapsed on the ground in a puddle.


  1. I absolutely love this idea!! Totally something I can do and entertain my kids at the same time, although I fear the plank will involve one or more children trying to sit on me!!

  2. This is such a CUTE idea! I am definitely going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. You are a very creative it. The more fun you can have the better.

  4. That was an AWESOME idea!! Thanks for sharing. I will have to create a version for our family, maybe something we can all take to our Rec Center and have a fun competition - race around the walking/running track, # of hoop shots in the gym, etc. Cool!

  5. This sounds absolutely fabulous! Way to get the kiddos involved! You're one super mom!

  6. Creative and clever, why am I not surprised.