Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm so Excited!

I should be in bed right now, but I am too excited because I just finished something I want to share with you gals. First let me explain and then the reveal.

I found out last week that due to some changes in my children's schedule, I was available to register for the Women's only 10K at Thanksgiving point. I hesitated registering at first because the day is still pretty hectic but the morning is clear so I decided to take a selfish moment and register. That being done, I kept thinking how much I wanted to wear a HWHL shirt for the event. I chuckled when I read in Becky's post that she wanted a HWHL shirt because I was already working on this one. Becky you must have ESP or something.

Okay so this particular shirt is designed specifically for Audrey, after all it's all thanks to her that we are together, but I thought it would be fun to have one specialized for all the great gals on this blog. Swimmers, runners, tennis players, yoga, sleepers etc. Including different hair styles, colors, the works. My daughter even suggested adding freckles, which I thought was darling. So let me know what you think (and don't worry you won't hurt my feelings) I am hoping if nothing else this gets the creative juices flowing. Here she is:


  1. Those flowing curly brown locks totally fit Audrey. What a great idea Cammy! That's the kind of math equation I can do!

  2. That is adorable! I love it!!! Good luck with your run on Saturday, You will do awesome!

  3. CAMMY!!! YOU ARE AMAZING! That looks absolutely fabulous. I love it

    I am so bummed and torn about the Thanksgiving run. My neice is now getting baptized that day. Brent thinks I should still do the walk with my family since it was planned first. My mom has been talking about it for months and is so excited to do it. But I don't know if that is the appropriate thing to do.

  4. CUTE CUTE CUTE One suggestion, you need a bed head for Chris. LOL and a little taller haha. Really they are darling. Are you the artist?

  5. So cute Cammy! you are very talented!

  6. Cammy, this is terrific! And you hit my family right on....I'm still wondering where the blondie came from.

    The only this I would is add "I can do hard thing" to the back of the shirt. I think that's a great motto for this little group. Did you read Mindy's post that had that in it?

    You are very talented and I love that you can specialize it to each person! What does yours look like? Did you do one for your race? Are you printing them out and doing Iron ons?

    Do tell more!

  7. Cammy, way cool! So happy to read that you registered for the race.

  8. Thanks everyone! This has been a fun little project. Yes, I did design them myself but the idea for stick figures came from this fun scrapbook blog.

    Audrey I LOVE the idea of putting "I can do hard things" on the back. I agree it is a perfect motto for out little group. It would also allow us to inspire everyone behind us when we wear it too :).

    I haven't finished mine yet actually. I figured the bike was going to be the trickiest thing so I actually did it first. I'll show mine off when it is finished.

    For the next step, my idea was to do iron ons since it would be too expensive I'm afraid any other way. It would also allow everyone to pick the color, fit, style shirt they wanted and do it themselves. I actually made my daughter a shirt with an iron several years ago and it still looks pretty good. It was done on a laser printer. I have found the ink tends to smear on inkjet printer ones. Anyone else have any ideas?

  9. So are each shirt designed according to family? Did you do this on a computer program or by yourself? I think I'm liking the look of this more and more!

  10. Alicia,
    LOL we are both on here at the same time. I designed it in a computer program but I can add and delete things as needed. So for example, I designed Audrey first but then was able to remove the hair and other feminine features to create the boys so I didn't have to start all over for each one. My plan is to customize it to each person and their family, which once the basic work is done is actually relatively simple. Does that make sense?