Wednesday, July 7, 2010

School girl

I'm one of those freakish people who loved school and loved the routine the school year provided. During the school year, my motivation to do my best was always high. I thrived with routine and regular report card feedback. I liked summers too, don't get me wrong. It was a chance to relax and kick back, let the routines fall by the wayside and enjoy life to its fullest. Problem is that I'm still a school girl at heart. The summer is relax time and I've notice that my motivation to exercise has relaxed too. I'm still walking, but it's more brisk walking than true cardio-walking. I need to take a new class or somehow mix it up to recharge my motivation battery. Hence, this little post. Intended as a kick in the pants to push my muscles in a new and promising direction!


  1. I'm all about variety when it comes to exercising. I do several different kinds of workouts every week - elliptical, swimming laps, water aerobics, and step aerobics (on my Wave by The Firm). It keeps me from getting bored, plus I know I'm challenging my body by keeping things mixed up. Although, I thrive on the idea of a challenge, and I'm thinking I might want to try out some kind of athletic event, I just don't know what yet.

  2. This post just made me laugh because I think I am the opposite. Most of the time I don't mind the schedule and routine of school but I LOVE Summer and the flexibility it allows me. I am not the best at schedules and organization so Summertime invigorates me and caters to my style. I am actually dreading Abby going back to school in a few months. Isn't it fun how different we can be?

  3. I love school too! In fact, I really don't like the summer that much. I've noticed, especially this year, that the heat drains me of all energy, which makes me cranky and irritable. I can hardly wait until school starts (5 weeks) and for the drier air. I'll be back into my routine, 2/3rds of my kids will be in school, and I'll be able to get a little quiet time.

    As for the exercise, I haven't been walking. Like I said, the heat and humidity (I'm sure those on the east coast can currently understand) just sap all my energy, and I need all I can get. You can always try jump roping, it burns a TON of calories and works different muscles than the running.