Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A walk on the wild side

I had about 30 minutes of kid free time today in the midst of Vacation Bible School where I am the early morning music teacher for the 0-3 crowd. So that was enough time to take a power walk, but not enough time to take out, then reset the kid-friendly 'do. That's right, I walked 2.5 miles with those crazy ribboned "pink tails," as my little girl calls them. Oh my! What must the neighbors be thinking?!


  1. You would fit right in at Royal Ascot today. You look so bright and cheerful in your LIVE STONG colored shirt and curly beribboned hair do.

  2. So funny! I think you might start a new trend.

  3. It seems to be the week for wild walks. Sue runs with bovines and you walk with bodacious hair!