Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In a Slump not a Funk

I am exhausted. You'd think I'd be well rested from a relaxing vacation without the kids, but I can't seem to get out of this Slump. I am motivated to eat healthy and exercise, but it's hard to do anything when all I want to do is crash on a pillow. Did you read that recent article by Trainer Momma on how to travel fit?


While I didn't gain a single ounce on my trip, which I am very proud of and also shocked, I am still recovering from all the yummy, but not necessarily healthy food. Traveling does give me anxiety, and it is so hard to go into it not having the "I give up while I'm on vacation" attitude. Ya know what, the overindulging used to be so fun, but I don't feel so good anymore.


  1. Get the rest you need, things in order and back in your groove. We start again on Monday!

    So glad you had a wonderful time on your trip. I love vacations like that!

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  3. Alicia....I'm thinking that you have a wee bit of jet lag and after trip let down going on. When I travel/vacation I always feel like I need a couple of days to recover from all the adrenaline high and fun I've experienced. Stepping back into reality can be exhausting.

    Personally I wouldn't feel guilty about enjoying "not necessarily healthy food" on vacation. You ate yummy food and didn't gain any weight, looks to me like you were successful so give yourself a pat on the back. I'd do it for you but I'm in Virginny and you're not.

    We've missed your witty wisdom and support and we're happy to see you posting again and ready for The Challenge.

  4. Congrats on not gaining any weight! The coming back is always the hardest for me because I have to get myself back into the groove of my regular routine. You'll find it!

    Way to go girl... go take a nap :)

  5. It takes me a good week to get back into the routine after a vacation or family visit. I call it post-exhileration exhaustion. Tread water until then so that you can recover emotionally, physically and mentally.

  6. I second what everyone else has said. It is hard to recover from a vacation. Despite all the aftermath I hope you enjoyed yourself and the trip was worth it.

    Also,thanks for the links to TrainerMomma. She always has such great insight. Glad you are back.