Tuesday, May 25, 2010

True Junkie at Heart

Okay, I hate to admit this, but I am a true junkie at heart. I still prefer the sweet taste of sugar over the vegetables I try to eat for lunch. Unfortunately, my rear end and thighs don't agree with me. So, when I saw this post, I was immediately drawn to it. It's from Dani Spies, a health food nut: Banana Split Breakfast Bites. MMMM, just the wording sounds so yummy. Of course, I knew it was going to be healthy. Check this one out:

Even this one looks like it might satisfy my sweet tooth!


  1. Okay that looks delicious! I'd skip the raisins, but the rest of it sounds yummy! I've never had almond butter, though.

  2. I haven't had almond butter either, but I've been wanting to try it.

  3. It is better than peanut better. We grind it fresh at our Winco though it is more expensive. Try it you'll like it. (Mikie said so )