Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ode to Audrey . . .

Whenever I am in a rut
You always seem to kick my butt
With healthy tips and yummy food
You motivate until my mood
Has changed and I am good to go
So it's only right to let you know
That as a sister, friend and wife
Your birth has truly blessed my life!

Happiest Birthday Audrey.  I love you!



  1. Such a cute picture!! Hope you had a fabulous day and enjoyed some yummy treats, oh I mean, Healthy Treats!

  2. Love the poem! Have a very good birthday Audrey!

  3. I agree, you've changed our lives and many others as well.

    YOu may have my crown when I pass on because I think you are a Queen.

    Samantha's a poet did you know it?

  4. Audrey! One last HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love ya!

  5. You started my baby fat. It liked me so much it keeps coming back LOL Really I love you an I'm very proud of all you do.

  6. Samantha!

    You got the rhyming gene!

    Audrey, awesome day for a birthday!

    Did you make a healthy salad with all those green gadgets?

    I know it was a busy day, hope it was a happy one too.