Friday, May 28, 2010

To add insult to injury...

After a healthy lunch today I decided I would eat a rice krispie treat. Low-cal right? Well then Tessa only ate one bite of hers, so I ate that too- a bad mommy habit, but we all do it. Can't stand to let that food go to waste. I ate what I thought was 210 calories worth of treats. Not something to be proud of, but not horrific. I usually don't really even like rice krispie treats, but these were so delicious I couldn't resist. They were extra gooey. Too gooey. So gooey I decided to re-check the recipe. Turns out I made them wrong. I tripled the marshmallows and butter, but only doubled the cereal. To make matters worse, when I made them I mis-read the serving size. What I thought was about 210 calories ended up being 756 calories. I just ate 756 calories worth of rice krispy treats. 7-5-6! Now I only have 450 calories left for the day. Looks like I'll be eating a lot of celery and pickles.

Can I have a do-over?


  1. Something so small and seemingly so innocent....those Snap Crackle Poppers are ruthless.

    I give you props for your good intentions any way.

  2. Oh mannnn!! I'm sorry, but I had to laugh a little!

  3. Could you use your free day??

  4. I'm sorry! That is so frustrating!