Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Question to the Runners....

So I have a friend who has been trying to eat right and exercise as well. Although, when she runs she gets a cramp-like, almost charley horse after running just a little while. She says it's closer to the shin on the side, not the calf. She wears the right shoes, I had her make sure she was eating bananas, etc. but it keeps happening. It's only when she runs on the treadmill, not on the elliptical or walking.

Do you guys have any advice I can give her?


  1. Oh my Chelsea, I have no idea why that would be happening. I do have a friend who worked as a physical therapist assistant. She might know. I will check with her and let you know if I find anything helpful.

  2. Chelsea- I used to get something similar to that when I first started running. It was right on the inside of my leg close to the shin and it was almost like shin splints, but more like the cramping. My left leg always seemed to hurt a little worse than the right. I don't know if it's the same thing, but here are a few ideas: When I first started running, I got it because my body wasn't used to running. I had to get my legs strong and then it started going away. While most people will say the treadmill is easier to run on than outside, I disagree. I think the treadmill is harder. My body hurts more on a treadmill than running outside. The other thing is, I can tell when my shoes are worn out. The pain comes back. I know you said she wears the right shoes, but running shoes are only good for about 300 miles. Are they worn out? Unfortunately, I am replacing my running shoes before they look worn out. And, I notice a big difference when I get new shoes. The old shoes become my new hiking shoes or trash shoes. If she is new at running, it might just be her body getting used to it. If she is just barely getting into running, have her look at this post http://ahealthywifeequalshappylife.blogspot.com/2010/04/am-i-runner.html

    It has a link to ease into it. Also she can look at runnersworld.com and they have answers to almost everything. Good luck to your friend. Tell her to join us so we can cheer her on.

  3. One other suggestion...great suggestions by Alicia!! (of course)
    If she needs to run on a treadmill have her put it at a 1% incline. It helps to make it more like the outside.
    I know that form makes a huge difference as well as good shoes that aren't worn out. I get about 400 miles out of mine.
    Wish her luck!

  4. This blog is a font of wisdom because there are a whole lot of wise women on it.