Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hi all!

Back when you all started with challenge numero uno I was invited to join but thought to myself:

"Self - I can do this just fine on my own. I have enough to do and this will just be one too many things to worry about".

SOOOO - after not doing much of anything on my own I am getting off my in high and independent horse and joining the next challenge.

I am pretty good at getting myself to the gym or getting out on my bike but I am really not paying attention to what I am eating...and I LOVE to eat....lots.

SOOOOOOOO - I am now going to try to be more accountable for what I am consuming. Gulp.

Thanks Audrey!


  1. Welcome! I'm so glad to have a someone new! I love our little community.

    Are you friends with Kirsten Bell Morgan on Facebook? I think I saw that you commented on her status. She and I were best friends when we both lived in South Jordan, UT.

  2. Welcome! It is a great group. I learn new things everyday! Good luck! You'll do great :)

  3. I'm so excited you've decided to join us! I'll agree with Jill that this is a great group. I thought it was going to be very time consuming when I first joined, but I find myself addicted to this blog. It is a huge support with a lot of great women! So excited to get to know you better.

  4. It's great to have another new face! What's your name?

    Since you're new to counting calories, I thought I'd tell you what tools I've been using. I use My-Food-A-Pedia (link is over in the right hand column "Things you need to know") to look up most of my food. Occasionally I have to google something, but for the most part I've been able to find stuff on My-Food-A-Pedia. To look up your recommended calories, I would suggest for the first challenge just go by the total given under "get a personalized plan" on MyPyramid.gov (link also on the right). It's a good general number to start with, and after several weeks of acclimating to this whole calorie counting thing, you can get more technical in figuring your calorie range by using the Trainer Momma equations. I also use the calorie worksheets at MyPyramid.gov. Use this link:
    and just choose your calorie range and it will print out a worksheet showing how much of each food group you should eat.

    Give yourself at least a week to adjust, it was a huge change for me going from eating all day every day to staying in a certain calorie range. Be sure to use one of your free days in the first week, it helps to stay mentally focused knowing that you get to eat whatever you want once a week. Also, be sure to read the posts from the week of 3/07 when several of us started and you'll see that we all struggled in the beginning. Good luck!

  5. Wendy!!!!! I am so excited you are here! You're going to have so much fun!

  6. Welcome Wendy! Glad you've joined us.

  7. So glad you have joined us!!! This is a great support system and it is so fun to get to know everyone.

  8. You didn't waste any time after I reminded you that we had started!!!! Good job! I hope that Sue's little tips have helped get you started!!!

    You can do it!