Saturday, May 15, 2010

Guys! Guys! My shoes came! I am so excited! They are so WEIRD looking, but I LOVE them. I wore them all day yesterday around the house, and today....
Today I ran in them outside.
Today I couldn't bear to take them off.
Today I wore them to the golf range.

Chad said my golfing improved by 50%. The last time I went golfing was a year ago. 50% means I hit 2 balls instead of 1.

Guess why I am so much better at golfing now?...

My shoes!

Tomorrow... well tomorrow I just might have to wear them to Church.

Really though, I felt so much more tired after my normal running routine this morning. I can already tell that my muscles are going to thank me for wearing these shoes. Check them out here.

Keep up the awesome work ladies. You are all so amazing and inspire me every day.


  1. Marci, you Stud! Look at that fabulous picture of you golfing- you're toned and just plain healthy looking! I love the picture of your tootsies. How is the sweat factor?

  2. Is it just me, or does Marci look so HOT in that first picture. I know I should be commenting on your shoe post, but WOW!!! Marci, you look absolutely AMAZING! What are you doing to get that arm definition? You have some serious posting to do to let us all in on your little secret.

    Okay, Okay, on to the shoe post. LOVE them! I didn't realize they had soles on the bottom. Does it feel like you are running bare foot? I am so anxious to hear about these. They are so interesting. I hate things between my toes. Does it bug you when you're running?

  3. Marci, I think your toned arms beat the wierd/cool running shoes for Wow factor! Does running tone your arms? What other upper body stuff are you doing?

  4. So the shoes haven't felt sweaty yet, but the weather has been so mild. I wonder what it will be like when it is hot and humid. I will let you know Susan. Alicia, I hate having things between my toes too. I started wearing toe socks before I got the shoes, hoping that would help. It doesn't bother me when I am running or walking, but I do notice it more when I am just sitting. The only thing that felt weird was my pinky toe on my right foot. It didn't like being separated, but now it feels just fine. My calves are sore today, sore as if I did a tough leg work out. That makes me excited. I wish you could try them on. They are so fun to wear. I sprinted, and it felt I was flying. Your stance changes to more of a forward movement. Anyway, REI has a 100% guarantee, so if you don't like them, they will take them back.
    Thanks for the arm compliments girls. They aren't really that strong, but I can't say enough good things about p90x. I love Tony's arm workouts. I am on week 6 of round two, and am doing the plus schedule. I never get tired of those work outs and my muscles continue to get sore often.

  5. I'm with Melissa! Your arms look fab! The shoes, I just can't wrap my mind around them. I can't imagine them being comfortable. I'd love to try them on.