Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do something for me?

If you ever do something in the day just for yourself like sit for a few minutes and read a book (that's not religious or educational), take a little nap, or work on anything that YOU want; do you feel guilty?
I find when I am trying to avoid my "to do's" I still want to look and act productive so I can't do something I might enjoy, EXCEPT maybe go grab something to eat out of the kitchen! (everyone has to eat right?) It's fast, no one notices (or do they) and I can hide behind all the things I should be doing or facing emotionally or physically.
I find that when I eat from my emotions I can shovel more food into my mouth in 10 minutes than I would an entire day if I were eating out of hunger!
This is what I am working on changing. I am trying to remind myself that I AM in control of what my body looks like. It is MY choices that make me feel amazing and energetic or exhausted and bloated.
I am grateful to know that all of you are out there working on changing bad habits too so we can do it together. It really does help when I know that I am not alone!
I think women in general are way too hard on ourselves. We think we have to be super moms, wives, friends, community volunteers... the list goes on. I know the Lord doesn't expect this. He needs us to be the best we can but that doesn't mean the BEST at ever single little thing! This is why we are all so different. We have been blessed with different gifts and talents that when we put them together, make all of us do great things! I really think this is one of the lessons God wants us to learn on this earth. We don't have to do it all!
Sorry for my rambling, it's been nice to write down my thoughts.

SO, when you don't want to do your "to do's" today, set your timer for 10 minutes and go DO something that you LOVE. Just stay OUT of the kitchen! :)


  1. Thanks for that post. I think it is so easy to feel like we are inadequate, even though we are accomplishing a lot. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. That timer can solve problems big and small. Great idea!

  3. We really are all in this together. Same thoughts, same feelings, different person and state! Thanks for putting it in words.

  4. Your thoughts are many of our thoughts, so thanks for posting them. Women are just the most amazing creations! We do it all and then expect even more of ourselves. I'm so happy to get to know so many amazing women.

  5. Thanks for your post. I feel that way many times. It is nice to recognize all the things we do do and forget to realize. We are very busy women and although there are days we don't get it all done (THE LIST) we do accomplish great things...give yourself credit.