Monday, March 22, 2010

Dessert substitutes?

I love dessert. But I gave it up during Lent. Great for this challenge, but still doesn't eliminate my craving for bready sweet things. I'm wondering about substitutes. So far, my substitutes have been dry cereal, hot cocoa, and, if I have enough points left, a 1/2 bagel with cream cheese and raspberry jam. Any other good low cal ideas? Fruit is fair game, by the way.


  1. Does pudding count as a dessert? I've been making sugar free pudding with skim milk. I pour it into four pretty serving dishes so they are on hand when I want a treat. Last night I added some banana on top and a little whip cream from the can. Yummy

  2. We eat a lot of pudding too, and smoothies. Dark chocolate is also a healthier choice. You can enjoy a couple of pieces and it goes a long way. You can also try a peach or apple cobbler with a simple oats topping. We made a berry one last week that I just made up and it was really good, and healthy too! I am sure we could find some good low fat, low cal recipes on the web. I will make mine again and write down what I did so I can share it. I put coconut in the crust instead of sugar to sweeten it and used an egg to hold it together. I added a lot of cinnamon to the fruit for flavor instead of using extra sugar. We topped it off with the slow churned ice cream, that has less fat and cals too. Oh, I am getting hungry!

  3. Sometimes I just slice some strawberries up and sprinkle about a tsp. of sugar over them. If you let them sit for about 5 minutes, the sugar and juices mix up nicely and you can get a sweet bite of strawberry every time you put the fork into your mouth. :)