Friday, January 28, 2011

It's been a rough climb...

I have often talked about my daughters journey. It's been life changing and I am so glad we have learned and continue to learn so many lessons.
One thing Emily has been struggling with is growing. The doctors are ALWAYS on me to get her to "Power Pack" and gain weight. It's amazing what happens when kids KNOW their parents want them to do something...(I am sure you can imagine!)

WELL, I am HAPPY to inform you that Emily has gained 1 pound and grown 1/4 of an inch in the last 6 months. She is now a whopping 43 lbs. and 46 3/4 inches!! Yes, very small for a 9 year old BUT she is gaining and growing YA HOO!

The funny thing is that when I told my hubby I am thinking it's all the sourdough bread she's been eating (it's her newest love)... He went off on how he heard that too many carbs can cause diabetes.
"She has got to stop eating so many carbs!"
Yes, she is a carb addict but I seriously doubt she is on the road to diabetes at age 9! I guess I can't win. The doctors don't care where the calories come from, If they had it their way she would be eating ice-cream all day.
I try to balance it out by making her try a few bites of dinner before eating her staple foods of rice, sourdough bread, pretzels and cheese. She does have peanut butter with her pretzels sometimes and loves cucumbers which of course are FILLED with calories :)

I guess my reason for posting is that we need to celebrate little successes, EVEN if others make you feel like you have so FAR to go before you've reached true success.
Yes, Emily needs to have more balance in her diet. BUT for now, I am going to celebrate the fact that she is actually eating and growing... the rest will come; one bite at a time :)


  1. Jill,

    Your daughter's journey is inspiring to me and so it your vision today: little successes are so meaningful.

  2. Jill, beautifully stated and i absolutely agree. I think for most of us life is full of little success rather than the big huge successes. Actually those little successes sometimes turn into the big success....I know that's true when it comes to raising children.

    It made me smile and tear up to read about your daughter's successful weight and height gain. I'm celebrating in my heart for her and for you her most devoted mother.

    Oh I do love carbs, wish I could live on sour dough bread and cheese.

  3. Yeah! I'm so excited Emily is growing and gaining weight. I know its hard in a family that wants to be healthy but if the doctor says eat whatever!!! then do it!

    I love seeing her successes!

  4. Jill, thank you for sharing this big success with us! I love this picture too.

  5. That is such a great picture to commemorate her growth and success, no matter how small. It's a big deal! Congrats!