Monday, November 1, 2010

How I survived Halloween...

I survived Halloween by, RUNNING! 
Crazy? Maybe but I wasn't alone. We ran with 3000 people who were dressed up in AMAZING costumes. I was shocked to see how creative people got! It was fun to pick someone like Tinkerbell or Waldo out in the crowd and try to pass them. Let's just say it kept things interesting as we ran 13 miles down Provo Canyon :)
Running with your best friends makes it even better!
It's Monday and my legs are still extremely sore but it was so much fun. Don't worry, I will get a better costume for next year :)


  1. That is AWESOME!!!! I wish they had a run like that around here! I love the medals. Those are cool!

    Jill, you are doing amazing things with your makes me want to do more!

  2. Jill! You are amazing! And those medals...they are so cool! What a fun race!

  3. AWESOME!!! That looks like so much fun!

  4. Was it all downhill? In my mind I'm fantisizing that I could slowly jog it if it were all downhill, t would probably take me a really long time though. That's one terrific medal! Jill how fun and especially when you got to do it with a best friend. Can't wait to see what you wear next year>

  5. Hello everyone, this is Jill's "older' sister and I love blog stalking all of you! I look forward to reading your posts and supportive comments, you guys are great. are AMAZING, and I love your amazing guts.:)

  6. Jill, Congrats on finishing the race. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Thanks for always inspiring us. You are so cute!