Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Never Quit, Never Give Up!

Last night as I watched the Biggest Loser the Marines pounded this into the contestants heads: Never Quit, Never Give Up! I like this, it goes right along with I Can Do Hard Things!

This is a hard time of year for me but this year my motto along with the above is, more good days than bad. I know I can do this and you can too!

Do any of you ever look at your Costco Connection magazine? I do, I often find good recipes. This past month Bob Harper, of the Biggest Loser, had a little article in the Healthy Lifestyles section. I like what he said, because it's what we are doing here on this blog.

So, if you're coming, going, paying attention but not committed to doing the challenges, know someone will be here for you as a support. Sometimes that's all it takes, knowing someone is thinking about what you're doing.

Here is what Bob had to say:
Fall happens to be one of the most important times for people to start exploring a new exercise program and developing healthier eating habits, as the upcoming holidays- with enormous meal after enormous meal, party after party, and all the resulting leftovers-can wreak havoc on anyone's waistline.

For most people the hardest part is staying motivated and on course. I believe three elements, beyond the actual exercises and food, are central to sticking to your plan.

It is crucial to realize that this is not a race. There is no finish line. You are making a change that should last a lifetime. It will be hard to stay motivated and to pick yourself up after a hard workout, so find outlets that keep things interesting and allow you to mix up your routine a bit. The intention is to combine sound fitness and exercises in a way that does not get boring. If you keep it interesting, you'll keep your head in the game.

Imagine weeks of keeping an impeccable food and exercise journal as you enter the holiday season. Do you really think you are going to want to tarnish your beautiful journal, filled with entries about vegetables and tough workouts, with junk food around Halloween? (or any other holiday coming up) No way. Keeping a journal helps you maintain a commitment to yourself.

Enroll your friends and co-workers in your effort from the outset. Challenge them to stay motivated as they challenge you. Technology makes it so easy. Post a motivational message on a friend's Facebook wall. Leave an inspirational voicemail or e-mail. Tell someone he or she looks amazing. Always express gratitude for their support. It will go a long way on your personal journey.

Make this fall and holiday season the first of many healthy ones.


  1. What a great article and a great way to motivate us to keep going strong this fall and winter. THANK YOU!

  2. THANKS for the extra boost..."I needed that"

  3. Once again a timely and boosting blog post from our fearless leader. I agree with Mamahaas, "I needed this post!" I've been slacking on the exercise because I've been sooooo tired. I'm hoping the time change will help and so does this post. We can do Hard Things and making life changes is hard.

  4. It is a tough time of year. I am feeling the tug of wanting to stay in my jammies curled on the couch instead of throwing on my work out clothes and getting busy. Thanks for the wonderful reminder.

  5. This is AWESOME! I always throw my Costco magazine away, but I need to start looking at it. Thanks for the great motivation!