Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Busy Blues

I got me some blues. Da na na na na. The busy blues. Da na na na na.

I've been so busy with major house projects, child transport, playdates, and volunteering that I've neglected to hydrate. Now here comes the When you Give a Mouse a Cookie part:  Neglecting to drink, I've now got a UTI.  With a UTI, my body is unable to exercise.  Without exercise, I have turned to comfort food: banana nut bread, Toblerone and homemade ginger snaps.

But the good news is I've got my meds and another 5k coming up in three weeks, so I've got to slow down so that I can speed up during the race.  This one will be chip timed, so I'm aiming for under 30 minutes.

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