Wednesday, May 22, 2013



Are you out there?  Can you hear me?  Do you miss this place as much as I do?  Do you need this place to motivate you like I need it? 

Are you interested in firing this blog back up?  Maybe just for summer?

Who's in?

PS- I changed my posting name a while ago from Mindelicious to Pinspot.  Mindelicious was making me think of Fergie, who disgusts me in nearly every way.  My mom has called me Pinspot for as long as I can remember. 


  1. I want to fire this blog back up, so I'll join you if I can just figure out how to log in again to post posts. I need to lose 20 pounds again and more importantly get back to regular exercising. You're doing great with that crazy exercise program that you and Matt are doing. Keep it up, proud of you.

  2. So are you wanting the whole challenge and points? What's you idea and what is going to motivate you?

  3. I would do the full on point system if that's what everyone wanted to do. But I've been trying to think of ways to simplify it. Maybe picking the top three things that are hardest for you personally and then scoring those?