Sunday, March 28, 2010

Push ups

Melissa: All I can think about here is how bad my hair looks in this picture. Fitness isn't always pretty, but it sure is more fun when your sister is pumping her arms up and down by your side (...and is faster than you.)

Samantha: Yay! I did two more than last time. Hey! Why are my roots so dark? Say! That is a cute (and competetive) sister I have. She held out and waited for me to finish so she could squeak in a few more than me. :)


  1. You two are making my totally laugh...I won't critique your form I'm just glad to see you doing push-ups together!!!

    Glad your having fun!!!

    Love you two!

  2. I can't tell who is who! Love you girls!

  3. I think it is funny you are commenting about your hair, it must be a genetic thing. Why isn't Julia in the picture that's what I want to know?